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Some Highlights

- Doris Melzer is a winner in one of the biggest international competitions for Nature Photography. The Jury selected out of more than 8000 photos from 17 different countries. The Photo Competition was under the patronage of the minister of the environment Jürgen Trittin.

- it is an honor for her to have Her Royal Highness Fürstin Maximiliane zu Fürstenberg among her customers

- for example she has been accreditated to cover as a photojournalist the World Equestrian Games 2002 in Jerez (Spain)

- she got the opportunity to photograph the horses of the Sheikhs in Doha (Qatar) and Dubai (UAE):
- Al Shaqab Stud - Sheikh Hamad bin Ali Al-Thani
- Al Rayyan Stud - Sheikh Abdulaziz bin Khalid Al-Thani
- Seih Assalam - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum


her photos has been printed many times:
- on coverpages and inside german and international magazines
(see for example the changing covers)
- on calenders (like the Shire-Horse-Calender 2003)
- on and in books (for example from the Allan Company (GBR),
Asmussen-Verlag, Cadmos-Verlag, Deutscher Bauernverlag,
Franckh-Kosmos Verlag, Müller-Rüschlikon (CH), Olms Verlag,
Paul Parey Verlag, Primedia Company (USA), Symposion-Verlag)
- in the advertising media (for example Masterhorse Company)
- on postcards and posters

The enthusiasm for nature, the animals and especially for horses exists for Doris and Martina Melzer since early childhood. To catch the fascination of a special moment with their cameras was always one of their targets.


A modern Canon-Camera-equipement with lenses from 17 to 500 mm and trips through Europe, Canada, North- and Centralamerica, Africa and to different arab countries let the archive of horse pictures, wildlife- and domestic animal pictures and travel pictures increase, among them since 10 years almost all EC´s and WC´s of the endurance riders.

Wether Doris Melzer acts in the desert between Dubai and Al Ain (Shadow-Temperature: 36 degrees) with two heavy cameras on her shoulders to make photos of the competitors on their 120-km-track of the Endurance World Cup or wether she will go out in the dark at three o´clock in the morning with 12 kg Photo-Equipement backpack through swedish moores (Temperature below minus) to wait and watch from a hide to make photos from the Black Cock displaying - the enthusiasm does (nearly) not know temperatures and limits.

Since many years she published permamently photo-storys in different magazines and books and she is making postcards. Journalism and Photography became her passion as well as breeding noble, black and pure arabians (please see www.al-azim.de). It makes Doris Melzer happy when a customer or somebody else likes the pictures that she has taken. Often she goes together with Martina on Photo-Tour.




Then they take care and treat all animals and plants with the same respect, with which one would like to be also treated. This is the way like nature-photo-specialist Fritz Pölking told. They also learned about photography and how to behave in nature from the famous nature-photographer Dietmar Nill. And they also keep the words of Hans Reinhard the wellknown nature photographer, in their mind: " A day without photography is a lost day".We would be happy if you like to order photos from the archive or if you order Doris and Martina Melzer for a photo session.

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Further photos and information you will find under www.black-arabs.de .


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